Two8 App

Are you tired of tracking your training the old-fashioned way? Looking for an extra push and some guidance to help you stay consistent with your workout sessions? Fear not, because the Two8 App is here to save the day (and your muscles too)!

All you need is a Two8 Band, which conveniently has an NFC chip embedded in the logo, allowing you to simply scan it with your mobile device and download the app. Easy peasy!

Once you have the app, you'll have access to free exercise demonstrations using your Two8 Bandz, along with some 10-minute follow-along workouts and skills training. And for those who want more, there are fitness challenges to keep you motivated and engaged, as well as long-term premium programs led by expert coaches.

But wait, there's more! With a paid subscription, you'll have access to even more premium content and exclusive discounts. Because, let's face it, who doesn't love a little extra motivation and expert guidance in their fitness journey? 

So why wait? Download the Two8 App today and start realizing the results you deserve. And hey, if you don't have your Two8 Bandz yet, no worries, you can still download the Two8 App and check out the content. Click the image below, or scan the QR code and let's get you moving better!

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