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The Coach's Bundle

The Coach's Bundle

Revolutionize Your Coaching with the Coach’s Bundle

Convenience: Lightweight and compact, the Coach’s Bundle is easy to transport, making it perfect for coaches on the go. No more lugging around heavy equipment—just grab and go!

Quickness: Save time with fast setup and easy transitions between drills. Spend more time training your athletes and less time fumbling with equipment.

Reliability: Built to last, our bands won’t snap or break. They’re hassle-free and safe for athletes of all ages, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted training sessions.

Versatility: Perform a wide range of exercises with just a few bands. Enhance your athletes’ performance with the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to any training need.

Transform your coaching with the Coach’s Bundle and unlock a world of new possibilities. This game-changing set of Two8 Bandz empowers you to be the ultimate advisor to your athletes. Like Alfred is to Batman, you’ll be providing the tools needed for them to achieve their superhuman potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your coaching to the next level—get your Coach’s Bundle now and redefine what’s possible in your training sessions!

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45% nylon, 30% rubber band, 25% polyester


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Getting Started

See why the Two8 Bandz are so much more than just resistance bands.

Which Bandz Are Right For You!

  • Movement Bandz

    Desiged for Functional Movements. With Lighter Resistance comes increased mobility and functionality.

  • Super Bandz

    Designed for Power Output. With increased thickness comes stronger resistance for Gainz Galore!

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  • "Two8 Bandz are exactly what I was looking for to help me improve both strength and flexibility. Such a versatile tool!!!"

  • "The Two8 Bandz are the most versatile Bandz on the planet. I can cover all my workouts with these incredible bandz!"

  • "Two8 Bandz are an amazing way to create resistance and increase muscle activation in your practice. "

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