Two8 Training Tips

Check out some of our favorite Two8 Exercises

Power Curls

Money Gunz

1. 👣 Put the 1-star Loopz around your feet. 
2. 🖐🏾 Grab the Two 8 Band, keep your elbows tight, and do work!! 💪🏾🔥


Core Squats-Jumps

 Money Squats-Jumps

1. 🦵🏽 Put the 3-star Movement Loopz around your thighs. 
2. 🖐🏾 Put your hands in the 1-star Loopz, and keep your hands up.
3.  Squat or jump using your hands to 🔥 your core at the same time.


Arm Swings

Money Swingz

1. 💪🏾 Put your arms in the 3-star Movement Loopz just above your elbows. 
2. 🖐🏽 Wrap the 1-star Loopz around your hands/wrists.
3. 🏃🏽‍♂️ Keep the center of the band against your body as you swing your arms back. 


Power Shrugs

Money Shrugz

1. 👣 Step in or on the 3-star Movement Loopz.
2. 🖐🏽 Squat down and grab the 1-star Loopz.
3. Stand up and shrug your shoulders to your ears and work!! 🔥

Thigh Drive 

Money Runs

1. 🦵🏽 Put the 3-star Movement Loopz around your thighs. 
2. 🦵🏽 Use the 1-star Loopz around your legs to provide a secure fit. 
3.  RUN!!💨


 Try this 10-minute HIIT workout for more ⏬ ⏬