The World Renown Coaches Behind Two8 Bandz

We have a simple mission: to help people MOVE BETTER, physically, mentally, and ethically.

Two8 Bandz are sustainably designed to enhance physical movement through positive resistance and proper technique guidance. We understand that when you MOVE BETTER, you feel better physically and mentally. This is why we continually strive to provide experiences and products that are thoughtfully crafted to be efficient, effective, and eco-friendly solutions.

Our top priority is to ensure that you are proud to own Two8 Bandz.

Team Two8

Our Founders and Coaches are all athletes who are passionate about living our mission every day. We strive to provide thoughtful customer service and support to our community, and we have a great time doing it with our own unique style. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us on social media or by email. We take pride in staying connected with our community and providing personalized coaching to help everyone reach their goals.

"Incorporating resistance band training into my workouts has always been a key part of my fitness routines, even when I was still learning the ropes as a coach. As I've gained more knowledge and expertise, I've come to swear by the many ways banded movements help to improve overall athletic performance. Using Two8 Bandz in my workouts and coaching has added new dimensions to my training, and I love to share the benefits with others." ⁓Coach Stokes

Coach Stokes

Coach Steve Stokes is the inventor and CEO of Two8 Bandz, a Husband, a Father of four, and a former professional running back and EU American Football Hall of Famer. With two EU Super Bowl Championships to his name, Coach Stokes has a proven track record of success on, and off of the field. Since 2005, he has been a certified personal trainer focused on helping people move better as athletes. Coach Stokes has set many untouchable records and won multiple MVP awards throughout his career, and he attributes his hall-of-fame career to his focus on functional training with the use of exercise bands. After retiring from professional sports, Coach Stokes has dedicated himself to helping others evolve and achieve success through his proven methods. Using his extensive knowledge of optimal movement, he created the Bandz to help others improve their performance.

Coach Wellington

Coach Micheal Wellington is the CFO and Head Coach of Two8 Bandz, and is a devoted husband, father, and former NCAA Division 1 hurdler. With over 17 years of experience, Coach Wellington has helped thousands of athletes across a range of sports improve their performance and reach their goals. He is a certified Sprint, Hurdles, and Relays Coach with the USATF, and is known for his attention to detail and consistency. Coach Wellington has successfully guided 27 students, and counting, to receiving athletic scholarships to their dream universities, and his extensive experience and dedication make him a valuable asset to the world of athletics.